Path to Palindromes

Screenshots for Path to Palindromes on iOS and Android

My first stab at a game. I think puzzles are delightful, and the only games you will find on my phone consist of a grid with numbers or letters... so this game consists of a grid of numbers, and one day maybe letters. Find as many palindromes as you can before time runs out.

Using Lavaca and Cordova, I was able to build the game with web tools and release to both Android and iOS simultaneously. It has since been released on Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, and Firefox... as well as the web.

Local on Tap

Screenshots for Local on Tap on iPhone and Windows 8

Built to support (and create interest in) local breweries, this app helps you find local breweries and get information about their philosophies, beers, and tours. Rate and keep track of your favorite beers and breweries - and keep a journal to remember for future reference.

Built on the BreweryDB.com and Untappd APIs, the Windows 8 app is HTML/CSS/JS using the WinJS SDK (native). The iPhone app is built with web technologies and Cordova, utilizing the Lavaca JS MVC framework.

Adept Mental Math

Screenshots for Adept on iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone

A couple of teacher friends were looking for an app that helped students (and them) learn mental math tricks in preparation for exams like the UIL Number Sense contest. This app shows the shortcuts to solving problems mentally, along with the ability to solve and view the mental "scratchwork."

Using Apache Cordova, the Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad versions combine responsive design with a look and feel catering to each platform. So panes slide in iOS and flip over in Windows Phone, for example. The Windows 8 app uses a separate codebase that is native but still written in HTML/CSS/JS.

Other Projects

SceneScout - A great app for photographers scouting locations.

Lavaca - A JavaScript MVC Framework with a love for Promises.