Web Animations API Reference

I've been exploring the Web Animations API in a series of articles to share what I've learned from this new tool. I figured it was high time I tracked all of the resources I have found in one place. Hopefully this section will be updated often as more people start working with the Animations API and discussing it.

The Spec & Implementations

Tutorials & Reference

  • Chrome element.animate(): The first article that discussed in any detail how to use the API, from the Chrome team
  • Rachel Nabors WAAPI Reference: One of the few people publicly speaking about the API with any regularity, animation expert Rachel Nabors, has this page linking to other articles. Also follow her on Twitter as she speaks about the #waapi often there, and she has extra insight it appears...
  • Google I/O 2015 Codelab: How to use the animations API to create some Material Design animations
  • Silky Smooth Web Animations: Video from Google I/O 2014 where Google first really started talking about the API in earnest

Simply... Why Bother?

  • Introducing Web Animations: Great 2013 post introducing the API from one of its lead drivers, Brian Birtles
  • WAAPI and GSAP: Discussion on how the API is not a replacement for GSAP and what each option provides

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